The quirky things we say when we are being unabashedly ourselves...

On a sad day in February 2016, we were observing the loss of a family member. It was a somber event, as these things are, and we were comforted only by the knowledge that our beloved had lived a full and wonderful life. As I approached the exit door, a man held the door for me assuming I intended to leave. However, I had no such intention. I was merely visiting the mint bowl to grab a handful to share with the mourners inside. Not wanting to appear rude, I called out to the man, "Oh, I'm just minting," (as one does) so he didn't think I was ignoring his kind gesture. Thinking nothing of it, I took my handful of mints and went to rejoin my family, whose serious faces were cracking from laughter. A heartening site, I asked what was so funny. Apparently, my awkward exchange with the man at the door had been quite a show - and a much needed respite from the heartache of our loss.

Ever since, whenever I'm lost in my head or unintentionally being myself, the phrase "just minting" comes to mind and brings a smile (It has even become a nickname and an action verb for my quirks - I am now greeted as "minting" at most family functions). "Just minting" encompasses the feeling I get when exploring my creativity and sharing with others. 

This is how my online shop "Just Minting" got its name. It's become an approach to life. Following my own path regardless of the social norms that most people adhere to - no matter how awkward, silly, or strange.

I decided to open "Just Minting" for business and share some of my creative work on Redbubble, a platform that supports and promotes artists. Why Redbubble? Because I like there commitment to artists and I'm inspired and excited by the work that I see there.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my work or the work of others, click on an image below to visit my Red Bubble shop for wall art, prints, tees, stationary, and other fun products featuring my photos. Or scroll around to see the amazing stuff that our fellow humans are creating. Enjoy!