Dorothy Parker is Delightful


I found out about, "The Portable Dorothy Parker," from some such list that every woman should read by some such age, I think. Anyway, it was one of those lists, either from Buzzfeed or Book Riot - obviously I cannot recall. It has been sitting on my Amazon Wish List for some time because it's one of those I couldn't get on Kindle and wasn't quite ready to make the leap and purchase the paperback because I was moving, and Lord knows, I already had enough books to pack and move.

So, when I got to Florida, one of the first things I did was get my library card because I like to borrow Overdrive books for my Kindle (if you don't know about Overdrive, look it up, it's amazing). And then, stupidly, I thought, "Hey, all those real books you have on your Wish List at Amazon may actually exist in physical form at the library." I was tickled to find so many books I have been putting off for later. There is nothing quite like walking out of a public library with a stack of thick, musty books...brings back so many memories.

I just started digging into, "The Portable Dorothy Parker", a collection of her short stories, essays, etc. and I am loving it. She is freaking hilarious. From what I gathered from the Introduction, she was quite the independent spirit in her day and, well, I think I love her.

Back to reading...

Here's to New Beginnings


So I Florida. Compared to Buffalo and the cloudy, blistering-cold, gray that is the Northeast I feel as if I've entered a completely new world. And so far, I like it. Something about the heat and the sun makes it so much easier for me to simply enjoy life. It's the little things like taking a walk outside, enjoying a warm breeze while reading on the patio, seeing new birds, animals, reptiles, etc that to me have only ever existed in the zoo or in photos--it's a nice change, a new perspective. And I'm grateful.