Line Drawing as Soothing Meditation

I am pretty into trying new ways to be creative, no matter how good or bad I am at it. Awhile back I shared my adventures with calligraphy, and I have gotten really into making my own greeting cards to send to my favorite people. One of my favorite methods I've tried are Peggy Dean's line drawing illustration classes on Brit + Co. She really emphasizes "embracing imperfections" - wonderful for a recovering perfectionist like myself.

I took her floral illustration class last year - inspiration for my greeting card exploits and I just tried her home illustration line drawing course. How she teaches drawing and illustration makes so much sense to me and I find it so satisfying making the shapes and watching it come together. She also incorporates watercolors into this one and its got me learning a whole new skill. Above is a bit of practice using an old snap I took at Grand Pacific Junction in Olmsted Falls, Ohio (one of my favorite places at home). Also included the project from floral illustration and a little card sample I made for my grandmother.

Already plotting out new illustrations using my photos of florals and buildings. Now to get a bit better at the watercolor part...

What I’m Reading on the Internets

The constant reading companion

The constant reading companion

Besides a smattering of news, articles on books and writing, and Twitter, I have a handful of blogs I follow daily. Some of these I've been following for years, others are more recent discoveries. Each of them is inspiring or entertaining in ways that speak to me and I thought I’d share in case you are looking for some sites to spend your copious amounts of time on (aka procrastinate and avoid working).

These are wide ranging from fashion, lifestyle, food, DIY, home style, minimalism, soul searching and so on. Some are hard to categorize so I won't try to.

  • Kendi Everyday - down to earth and relatable fashion blog, love the personality she injects into her writing
  • M Loves M - fashion that captures the essence of beauty, I don’t know what that means, but it's just how it makes me feel
  • Curbly - tons of home DIYs
  • A House in the Hills - she has some great, heartfelt posts on her health battles, fashion posts, recipes, and home style
  • SF Girl By Bay - stunning photography of homes, surroundings, etc.
  • A Beautiful Mess - quirky and fun DIY, fashion, food, etc.
  • Cupcakes and Cashmere - this girl is a boss genius success, but also her fashion and lifestyle posts are beautiful
  • A Cup of Jo - fashion, life advice, various other gems, a smattering of many of life’s topics, always discovering new things here, fantastic content
  • Yes and Yes - fabulous interviews, business advice, and other fun stuff
  • Oh My Veggies - a HUGE resource for recipes and advice on cooking and eating vegetarian
  • Zen habits - mentioned before, minimalism and life advice
  • The Minimalists - mentioned before, as the name implies, personal essays and advice on their journey through minimalism
  • Becoming Minimalist - again mentioned before, but great articles on living your best life and so on
  • The Beauty Department - fun how to’s and trends on hair and beauty
  • Sas Patherick - wonderful woman over in the U.K. with inspiring words on spirituality, confidence, and whatever else comes to her head
  • Man Made DIY - great how to’s, recipes, and other rustic life advice

Happy weekending!