Stepping Outside the Ol' Comfort Zone



I did something I never do, have never done. I actually signed up to go to a meet up in my new town and then actually went to said meet up and even interacted with other people. I am not a joiner typically. In fact, I dread such things. But I told myself I would put myself out there, give this place a chance, try to meet people, experiment, and, yes, maybe even  join things.

So when an instagram message popped up for a local meet up of like-minded, empowered women I knew that was my cue. I sat and talked with women I never met before, learned about them, and all the amazing things women are doing in my area. It reminded me of women's studies classes in college where we gathered in "consciousness-raising groups" reminiscent of the second wave of feminism. That, and the amazing work on vulnerability from author and social work professor Brenee Brown.

The meet up was "Unwrap the Best You", started by a local woman, who wanted to not only survive but enjoy life after receiving a chronic illness diagnosis. She sought to and succeeded in bringing together a community of women with the same goals. Last night's meet up centered on an exploration and discussion of core values and how they push us forward to achieve richer, fuller lives. I must say, it was pretty great and I loved hearing all the new insights and perspectives these women had to share. 

Side note, I wasn't nearly as nervous and shy as I'd thought I'd be and actually learned something and enjoyed myself! I may even go back for the next one later this summer!