Friday Musings: Write It Out

My mental dumping ground is a notebook. Any old notebook. Writing in cursive. I rip out the used pages and regurgitate all my racing thoughts and ideas so I can make sense of the nonsense dancing around my brain.

The writing is terrible. Its whiny and self involved. But also urgent and desperate. Without it, I feel out of sorts. There is power in the journal, healing power. Need to calm down? Journal. Need to make sense of wild emotions? Journal. Can’t afford therapy? Journal. It helps.

Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way,” prompted my journaling habit. She calls them morning pages, writing uncensored each morning and filling at least three pages. I don’t always do it in the morning, but lord does it help me work through my shit. And the ideas that come to me when Im free-flowing with a pen on paper—many are ridiculous…but some ideas stick (like this blog). It fuels my creativity and prompts me to take action. And I always feel so much better after writing, relieved even, knowing that I’ve laid it all out there and can move forward.

Some people journal to write out what they are grateful for, causing an instant mood boost. Some use it to chronicle their day. Others to craft poems and stories. Whether its a notebook, computer, phone, napkin…morning, afternoon, night, witching hour…whatever works for you—write it out.