Creating a Roadmap

Wandering through a San Francisco book store, I was taken in by a colorful book cover and a tagline: “The get-it together guide for figuring out what to do with your life.” Indecisive dreamer that I am, Roadmap called out to me, and pulled me in. But I didn't buy it, just thought it was another self help book I would toss aside. My husband took note of my interest, and come Christmas morning, there it was calling out to me once again from a box, wrapped in tissue paper.

I have read (or so I thought) books like this before. They all seem to say the same thing—follow your dreams, etc.—but with no clear advice on how to go about that. Roadmap is different.

Put together by the creators of Roadtrip Nation—a documentary series on finding what you want to do with your life and full of interviews with individuals who have done just that—the book acts as a straightforward guide to discovering what you want your life to look like. No fluffy language, just straight talk on making decisions, taking risks, defining you priorities, and paying attention to what is important to you.

The primary tool is the Roadmap itself. Choose your core interests and the primary foundation for what motivates you and you’ve got a roadmap to follow. I did several combinations of interests and foundations before determining the path that best fits my life right now.  (You can do this for yourself on the Roadtrip Nation website, see the combinations you come up with, and learn about leaders who have been successful following a similar path.)

I came at this book with an open mind. I was ready for a change. I was ready to take my writing beyond a hobby. Roadmap gave me permission to follow my gut and work through the fear of failure. I am pushing far past my comfort zone. I am writing!