Winter is Here

Because I am no great lover of the snow and the cold, I have come up with ways to trick myself into thinking these are wonderful things since I live in the very cold and very snowy city of Buffalo, NY. 

1. I bake cakes, telling myself I need the extra calories for warmth purposes.

2. I hand draw my Christmas cards, because why the hell not, it's better then scraping off my car and buying Christmas cards.

3. I decorate for Christmas a month in advance, because I need the extra warmth and glow from the Christmas tree lights to cheer me up.

4. I clean out all the things--closets, cabinets, bookcases--because I'm stuck inside anyway.

5. I knit blankets, which Ive read has calming effects--and they are warm. 

6. I read like a mad woman, Ive already gotten through two books this's Tuesday. 

7. I journal, but I did that anyway, but now it's not like Im wasting a beautiful sunshine-filled day inside.

8. I use the snow as an excuse to skip the gym, better safe than sorry. 

9. I actually made home made jam...Ive officially become my grandmother at the age of 32.

10. I start blogging again!