Adventures in Seattle

View of Seattle from Kerry Park.

View of Seattle from Kerry Park.

Last week, we embarked on a little adventure to the Pacific Northwest to a town called Seattle. No, it did not rain the whole time, in fact, it barely rained at all! And there are so many neat places to duck into that a little wind and rain ain't so bad. 

A few highlights from our Seattle visit ...

The Seattle Waterfront

So cool! There is water everywhere in Seattle. Even walking way up to the East, I could still see the water. It's a bit on the windy side but when we needed to warm up a little we just headed over to the Pike Place Market - which is snuggled up nicely to the waterfront.

Pike Place Market

I wish I had more pictures of the Market. I have never seen such beautiful flowers in my life and the rows of fresh fruit and vegetables were astounding. There are both indoor and outdoor sections with crafts, restaurants, bakeries, unique gift shops and on on. Pretty much anything you can imagine exists in the Market. After four days of exploration, I still don't think I saw it all.

The Original Starbucks

Right near the entrance to Pike Place Market is the VERY FIRST Starbucks. So many tourists were gathered around the storefront taking photos (us included). We had to come back in the evening when the line was more reasonable for our Pumpkin Spice Lattes, because of course you have to get Pumpkin Spice Lattes from the original Starbucks.

Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit

The shit that people can do! Chihuly (the artist) is truly a creative genius. If you do anything when you come to Seattle, go to this exhibit.

The Space Needle

Another Seattle staple and well worth it. The views of this city are incredible and enjoying the views with a signature Space Needle IPA, well, that's just magical.

Pioneer Square and Waterfall Garden Park

Took a walk down to Pioneer Square, Seattle's original neighborhood. It's what comes to mind when I imagined Seattle in my head - eclectic, spunky, raw, and beautiful. Oh, and there is a waterfall park just chilling in the middle of the city - a little reprieve from the hustle and bustle.

Gas Works Park

Honestly, I thought this was just going to be a hunk of metal we looked at for five minutes and then moved on from, but Jeff insisted we visit anyway. It was beautiful!!! The site of the formal Seattle Gas Light Company, it's now a pretty great park with paths, and of course, crazy-good views. 


There is so much to see and do in Seattle but a few quick favorites included The Pike Brewing Company, Seattle Public Library, Frye Art Museum and Cafe, Dahlia Bakery (the best little beignets I've ever had, peanut butter cookie sandwiches, and the friendliest people I think of all time - I felt so at home here I went twice), some quirky street art, and little parks all over the place.