We Moved!

Exhausted from packing.

We have been crazy busy these past few weeks moving into our new apartment! And while practicing our own version of minimalism has been helpful in so many parts of our life, moving all of our stuff felt like a stressful, hectic mess. While most of the stuff we still have is useful or wanted, there's nothing quite like a move to pare down the unnecessary!

Why did we move? Our first two years in Western New York, we lived in a perfectly nice apartment, but it was far away from many of the things we like to do and we missed the walkability of living close to the city. Our new place is right in Elmwood Village, a vibrant Buffalo neighborhood full of historic homes, local shops and restaurants, museums, a huge park, and just north of downtown and Canalside at Lake Erie. I am excited to share more of the neighborhood as the weather warms up!

A little more about the new place: located in a church dating back to the 1890's, our apartment is decidedly unique. The congregation was struggling to keep their doors open and care for the enormous building. They embarked on an ambitious renovation project, turning their excess space into a mixed-use facility. The church is still home to the congregation and now includes loft apartments, a culinary center, and several event and meeting spaces. It is such a neat, old building to come home to and I love that it comes with it's own comeback story. 

We are still settling in, but here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure (as you can see, I'm crazy for the light fixtures)...