Personality Quiz Extraordinaire: A Dose of Self Awareness Medicine for Your Monday

They call me Mellow Yellow...just kidding, I'm as anxious as they come, but aren't these leaves pretty?!

They call me Mellow Yellow...just kidding, I'm as anxious as they come, but aren't these leaves pretty?!

I am a life curator, first and foremost—if I can get some outside perspective on crafting my day to maximize my joy and contribution to the world then bring it on.

One of the useful sources for this practice are personality quizzes for a little self awareness booster. They remind me what I am working towards and why. Some great ones I’ve done and found useful:

All have helped me become more aware of how I work best and craft my lifestyle to suit my needs.

A new quiz I stumbled on is the Passion Profile quiz from Clarity on Fire. Both Jeff and I took it for fun because recently we have been grappling with new ideas for side projects and feeling a little stuck. I am a Thriver—all for balance and freedom to do what I love (not so surprising) and Jeff is a Firestarter—the driven creator and innovator. The quiz highlights natural attributes and strengths, drawbacks and challenges, and what to do to optimize your natural talent.

I think of these quizzes as tools, not the end all, be all of who I am. Don't take them too seriously. Nothing is black and white and all people have unique attributes and experiences that shape who they are. These quizzes are designed to measure common strengths and weaknesses people possess and offer incite to what lifestyles and careers may work best for you.

As a tool, these quizzes have helped me:

  • Make decisions about new directions or new things I want to try. I am always wanting to learn ALL the things and so I take on too many new projects all at once, neglecting the ones that really matter to me.
  • Narrow in on what I really want and cut out the extraneous bullshit that sucks up my attention. 
  • Recognize my why for pursuing writing and flexible, fulfilling work. I need the freedom to get lost in my head and change up my schedule to refresh my creativity. (Something I know, but forget from time to time.)
  • Minimize my to do list and focus on the one or two most important projects that push my writing and flexible work goals forward.

I hope you find these useful, and if nothing else, fun and insightful!