Nature Walks: Fall Edition

I do this thing on decent weather days, instead of the gym, I walk or jog outside (mostly walk). Winter is coming—I won’t be able to do this much longer— and there are only so many nice days in Buffalo once November hits. I am enjoying it up while I can. 

On these walks, I try sorting through my brain without the distraction of the computer screen. I try lessening my anxiety over freelance work and projects. Sometimes I stumble onto solutions or answers to some big questions and worries. Often, I use the time to make phone calls or learn via podcast—however, such activities don’t clear my brain, and I end up with more stuff scrambling for attention in my head than before I started. 

But in the moments when I allow myself to really see my surroundings, to allow something to catch my eye and engage my attention without the distractions in my head, I find that there is so much beauty all around me that I so often take for granted and fail to appreciate. And this beauty serves as inspiration for what I am working on. It infuses my senses and reminds me that nature is the true master, not email, or social media, or some article on how to succeed in your business. 

Sometimes the answers are right in front of you; in the changing leaves or the deep hues of the flowers. Sometimes the answers lay asleep in your head, waiting for you to back away from the chaos so they can stretch and grow.