Out of My Head

On this, my thirtieth year, I have finally left the East, and the Mid-west bubble where I grew up, to explore the West Coast. Better late than never as they say.

Ive read that leaving the country does wonders to readjust your perspective. I've discovered that just leaving the time zone of your youth can cause a subtle yet recognizable shift as well. I have been bitten by the exploration bug, the rush of experiencing new places and environments. I imagine this is what its like for children tasting a beloved food for the first time, or sticking their fingers into cold, gooey paint to capture their handprint. 

There is no going back to who I was before. I am shedding the skin of my twenties. This next decade will be a period of adventure, exploration, risk, and facing down my fears. Who I was before doesn't matter, what happened in the past is over, time to start living NOW.