This Is Harder Than It Looks

For Christmas this year, I received a Calligraphy 101 online class and kit from Brit + Co., a company that provides inspiration and DIY kits for exploring your creativity. The class is available instantly to watch online and in a few days after purchasing, I received my calligraphy kit in the mail. It arrived in an amazing package. The box is meant for coloring, and inside, they give you markers in which to do so! I was freakin thrilled to say the least. The kit included a pen, two inks, tracing paper and a starter set to make greeting cards. There were also downloadable templates online with a grid and letters to practice with.

I have access to the class forever, which is nice because Im going to need to watch it repeatedly. Calligraphy is harder than I thought it would be! It is NOT just writing cursive with a fancy pen. The class was simple and straight forward, teaching the basics of holding the pen (this takes some getting used to) and forming the letters. The instructor made the lesson easy to follow and offered tips and suggestions to continue practicing and improving.

Though small, learning a new skill like calligraphy—something to practice, get better at, and use in the future—gave me a nice little perspective shift. It felt frustrating when I started, then exciting as I began to get the hang of it. Learning new skills and trying new things reminds me that even if I feel like a total idiot at first, in the learning, I grow from it. I can try new things and I can accomplish goals, no matter how big or small. In the repetition, you get better, and you continue to challenge yourself. 

Back to practicing—not quite at greeting card level, but I will get there!